Kandys Beefmasters

The name “Kandys Beefmasters” is derived from my oldest daughter’s nickname “Kandys”. Kandys Beefmasters started in September 2012 when a major need to buy bulls for our commercial herd arose. Due to the high costs of bulls, it was decided to purchase 20 pregnant stud heifers. This was the beginning of Kandys Beefmasters.

Although our stud is still relatively young, have we farmed with cattle for more than 30 years. Our commercial herd of Simbra cows are crossed with Beefmaster bulls. Heifers born from this progeny are selected into stud. Top stud bulls and females are purchased from known breeders in order to keep the hybrid force within our stud flock.

The young bull calves also go through a long selection process. They are first selected when all the animals that are not at least 50% of their mother’s body weight when weaned are removed from the herd. The next time they are weighed in at 12 months and then at 15 months the bulls are also placed on a phase D test under our own supervision monitored by SA Stud Book. At 18 months they are weighed again. The index numbers are used to select the bulls. At this stage bulls with physical disabilities are also removed from the herd.

We believe this is the recipe that enable us to breed quality bulls and females.

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Johan Prinsloo

083 285 2432

P.O. Box 34, Theunissen, 9410

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